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Sustainable travel


TTL want to encourage more walking and cycling in the town and are the Lead Organisation for Letchworth Cyclists.


Letchworth Cyclists are a group of active local cyclists, with representatives from the town’s cycling groups, who are working towards making Letchworth a cycling town. Its activities include:

  • producing a Community Plan for a Letchworth Cycling and Walking Network,

  • encouraging people to get back on their bikes through the creation of local cycling trails or town events,

  • working in partnership to improve cycle parking across the town

  • arranging courses to help people maintain their bicycles.

Visit our Letchworth Cyclists page to find out more.

Electric vehicles

TTL members also have a keen interest in the development of electric vehicles and a number of us now drive electric cars. There is lots of knowledge to be shared by the group so if you are thinking of changing to an electric vehicle please do get in touch.

Transport consultations

TTL responses to Transport Consultations that affect Letchworth:

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