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Reducing waste

Transition Town Letchworth support initiatives to help reduce people’s consumption and also promote organisations and events that facilitate reuse, repair and repurposing.

Plastic Free Letchworth

A group leading the local delivery of the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) Plastic Free Communities programme

Terracycle scheme

TTL support collection points for hard to recycle plastics which are recycled for rewards by local charities and schools

Litter picking

TTL organise Litter Picking events as part of its Plastic Free Letchworth activities

The Story of Stuff

Spending on new goods is encouraged through advertising and seen as a mechanism for economic growth, but how many of the goods we buy are really necessary and how much fossil fuel is associated with these goods? Our cupboards often contain items we seldom use. More people are realising that happiness gained from a shopping trip does not last long but decluttering our lives has a more lasting impact. Take a look at the Story of Stuff for a thought provoking video.

The circular economy

A circular economy is one in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them, then recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of their existing service life. It is an alternative to the linear economy of make, use and dispose.


Circular economies are often discussed in terms of manufactured products, but goods often end up with consumers, so its critical that when consumers have finished with an item it is reused or recycled to maximise the material content. A more circular economy will reduce waste, improve productivity, address resource security and reduce the environmental impacts of our production and consumption.

Transition Town Letchworth support the District and County Council Waste Aware initiative and seek to influence the council to adopt a strategy that allows a swifter transition to a circular economy.

Repair café


Watch this short video as an introduction to a community initiative to introduce a Scrapstore / Repair Cafe in Letchworth.

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