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Windows, Doors & Floors


This summer I have been busy sorting out the design for a loft conversion, trying to maximise head room while getting a good level of insulation. House renovation projects provide opportunities for improving energy efficiency and its important to make the most of these. Building regulations specify the minimum that can be achieved but often you can go beyond what needs to be achieved and reap even greater benefits.

As part of our loft conversion we will be installing a new window. Our options are limited as the new window needs to match those put in the rest of the house in 2009. When we bought our windows we knew we wanted double glazing and the windows had to be acceptable to the heritage foundation, but just how good are they? It turns out that they were quite good and the main improvement that has occurred in window design is improvements in the window spacers, reduce bridging effects.

Windows, Doors and Floors are the topics we will be discussing next Monday at our home energy improvers, there is plenty to discuss as these parts of the house can be repaired, improved or replaced and I am sure everyone who attends will have ideas to share. So come along and join us at 7:30pm in the New Life Church, Mrs Howards Hall where we will share our experiences on draught proofing and compare draught proofing materials. We will discuss renovation and replacement of windows, doors and floors identifying what features give the best thermal properties taking into account heritage design constraints.

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