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TTL receives grant award for thermal camera


This winter Transition Town Letchworth have been finding out how thermal imaging can help to detect where energy is wasted in homes.

Jas Phugura, who attended a thermal imager training session, explains, “Winter is the ideal time to find out more about the energy efficiency of your home as draughts and heat loss through the building structure are easiest to see when the inside temperature is at least 10 degrees above the outside temperature.”

TTL borrowed Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s thermal imaging camera for a four day trial.  Eight properties were surveyed and issues detected included missing areas of loft insulation, non-sealing trickle vents and draughty front doors.  This thermal image shows heat loss through the wall behind a radiator in St Thomas’s church, a problem which could be reduced through fitting radiator reflective foil.


TTL energy group representative Julia Sonander said, “We are really pleased that the Heritage Foundation has given us a grant to purchase a thermal imaging camera.  This camera can be used by Letchworth householders to take a good look at their properties and decide where improvements can be made.  A FLIR E6 thermal imaging camera is now on order from Stanburys in Baldock, the company will be providing TTL with free training.”

“During the last remaining month of winter we plan to build up our surveying expertise and hope to train about 16 volunteers to use the camera. We know from talking to other community groups with thermal imaging services that a cascade approach, where one person attends training and then surveys a number of houses maximises utilisation of the camera.  Over the summer months we will be talking to groups within the town, looking for one or two group members to attend a training course and then volunteer to survey the homes of other group members as the colder weather returns.”

If this sounds of interest get in touch via our contact us page.

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