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Transition Free Press – Great Autumn Edition


This printed newspaper is published quarterly, and distributed mainly through Transition Initiatives, but I have subscribed to get a copy through the post.

Previous editions have included articles about exciting things which initiatives have achieved; all very interesting to a new-comer, but us seasoned Transitioners have usually heard about these things already.

However, this recent edition is particularly great!  There are some articles about stuff about ‘Making Art if the world mattered’, philosophy about getting our message across, education projects, dis-investment from fossil fuels, etc.

I was particularly impressed with “No cause is an island: situating Transition in a broader movement for change” Tom Crompton explains how we have a set of ‘extrinsic’ values, essentially selfish, and a set of ‘intrinsic’ values, which are about other people and species and the future. Trying to communicate intrinsic concerns with extrinsic hooks will always be counter-productive. This might mean that an emphasis on saving money might make people less inclined to consider the wider aspects of planning for the change which will surely hit us.

You can read it online here, but maybe TTL should buy a batch to sell?   What do you think?


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