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Thinking about the local economy


On Tuesday 24th June 2014, Transition Town Letchworth met for a presentation on re-localising Letchworth’s economy, and to brainstorm some ideas about how to develop the town in a direction that might better provide for our needs whilst at the same time, create businesses which are resilient to energy shocks and the end of cheap oil.

If you have any further suggestions feel free to comment.  The presentation pack from the evening can be found attached below.


  1. Co-operative shop – several people share staffing, financing, managing and risk in a premise selling goods created or procured by its members.

  2. The WI runs a stall in Baldock each Friday morning – they have a business model, and, uniquely, dispensations from some health and safety provisions.

  3. Art co-operative – Dot-to-Dot sort of do this, as do the Arts Centre.

  4. We could perhaps add a stall (or stalls) to the Growers’ Market produce swap stall.

  5. Letchworth’s only independent greengrocer has recently closed, leaving a potential niche.

  6. How about a Letchworth department store?


  1. Letchworth probably needs a coffee bar aimed at teenagers which would give them somewhere to meet.  Particularly important as the new DaVinci school will bring more young people into town.

Business support services

  1. Hackspace, where individual designers can tinker, experiment, create – make or procure 3D printer, laser cutter etc.

  2. Entrepreneur club, for start-ups etc to share experience, skills etc.


  1. Local to co-op to retro-fit housing, and provide renewable energy

Elderly care

  1. “Pay it forward” scheme, where people provide care to elderly, and bank the hours to spend when they need care.


  1. Owner occupier sheltered housing is too expensive, and social provision not of high standard.

  2. Norton Hall Farm is a complex with several small apartments, shared laundry facilities, common rooms and a visitor suite.


  1. Letchworth Building Society, or local “Bank of Dave” which could connect local savers with local businesses.


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