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The Second Life of Sally Mottram by David Nobbs


I got to hear of this book on the Transition Network website, here, and borrowed it from the library.

Sally Mottram ‘enjoyed’ a fairly humdrum life until tragedy hit. Struggling to make sense, she contemplates death, and then finds that inadvertently she is risking it. A miraculous rescue causes her to reflect, and to realise that her little North Pennine town, which is dying on its feet, needs her to rescue it, and make it prosperous. It needs a Transition!

Please borrow this book from the library; if enough do maybe they’ll order more copies!

What a beautiful book; just finished reading. I love it. It doesn’t quite reflect our experience here in Letchworth, but then Letchworth is a very different place!

Thankfully here TTL and other stakeholders, including the Heritage Foundation, have managed to create the Letchworth Sustainability Forum, which after meeting for more than a year, will now officially launch at an event called “Sustainable Letchworth” on October 16th.  Jonathon Porrit will be our keynote speaker, and the aim of the evening is to allow local residents, businesses and institutions to set out a strategy for Letchworth up to 2050. Wish us luck!!  Or even better – come along!  Free tickets can be booked here.


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