Stacking up renewable heating supplies for winter…


What excellent weather we have had during the last few weeks, perfect for drying out firewood. We have been busy building a new log store for the 2 cubic metres of logs we purchased a month ago. This will be our second full winter with our wood burning stove and we now know how effective it is at heating our home. This summer we have obtained a bigger stock of wood so we can light our stove more often this winter and hopefully further reduce the gas used for central heating.

For the older Letchworth homes open fires were once the main source of heating but with central heating installed chimneys can now be one of the biggest causes of draughts and heat loss. At this month’s home energy improvers meeting, we’ll be looking at how to minimise the draughts from both used and redundant chimneys. We will also be sharing our experiences on choosing and fitting stoves.

Stoves have become ‘fashionable’ and there are now plenty to choose from, every time we thought we had homed in on a make and model and went to see it at a showroom we would find another manufacturer with a more interesting option!

Stoves are an effective method of blocking chimney draughts, and with efficiency levels of 80%,  compared with the 15% of an open fire, stoves are also a great heat source.

So come along and join us for an evening learning and sharing information on chimneys, fires and stoves on Monday 4th August, 7:30pm in the New Life Church, Mrs Howard Hall.