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Plastic Free Letchworth at the Food Festival

It was great talking to people about what changes they had been making to reduce their dependance on plastic. For example, it turns out small squares of reusable baby wipes also make great re-usable make-up cleansing cloths. We also had recommendations for female hygiene products (mooncups and pads) which like reusable nappies are both good for the planet and good for your budget.

Lots of people were enjoying the food and drink on offer but there was also lots of single use plastic. We had a few reusable cups to sell to illustrate how to reduce the problem, but wouldn’t it be great if Letchworth’s next food festival was set-up in a way which would discourage single-use plastic. Could this be done? As always there are ideas on how to do this on the internet. We would need the event advertising to advise people to bring their tableware and cups along. Reusable cups and plates could be made available at the event (just like re-usable shopping bags are now offered rather than single use). Vendors could be asked to offer a discount for people with their own tableware and cups. If people prefer not to reuse their reusable cups and tableware, collection bins could be provided and the objects could be cleaned and then reused. Local charities could set up wash stations so people don’t have to wander around with dirty plates. So where there is a will there is a way.

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