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Letchworth’s Autumn Clean

Plastic Free Letchworth had spread the word and asked “Can your household do a Surfer’s Against Sewage Mini-Clean of a space near your door?”. Six groups reported that they had taken up the challenge, and let us know about their litter picks which covered the following areas:

  1. The woods along Burnell Rise and Station Way;

  2. Part of Letchworth Greenway;

  3. Knap Close / Blackhorse Road /Works Road;

  4. West View to Hillbrow Park;

  5. Grange estate shops and central area;

  6. Grange rec and playing fields.

It was a first outing for Letchworth’s new litter-picking equipment, funded by Cllr Simon Bloxham from his HCC locality budget. North Herts Road Runners secured the grant and purchased, gloves, bag holders and grabbers which can be borrowed by groups in Letchworth. Having this equipment available locally will reduce the effort involved in setting up community litter picks and will hopefully enable more groups to get involved in regular litter picks.

At a minimum 12 bags of rubbish got sorted and mostly recycled, but it may have been more. Some people did a brand audit of the rubbish and reported their results to the SAS national Brand Audit, via their website, and they should be receiving a free hydroflask as a Thank You. Plastic Free Team Member Glyn Holt, reported that his family identified 194 pieces of branded litter from the 5 bags of rubbish they collected. The Grange litter picking group collected 5 sacks of rubbish and recorded 60 branded pieces of litter, plus quite a lot of disposable face masks and plastic bags, in the three bags that they chose to audit.

Some quotes from the day from our lovely facebook supporters:

”We went out around Blackhorse Road / Works Road & the path in between. My 9 year old was shocked by how much litter people drop. Managed to squeeze the recyclables into our bin”

“We went around the Grange Rec/fields. It was shocking to find more rubbish on the playing fields on our way back after we have already picked some up on our way earlier! My 6 year old enjoyed it and was very impressed with himself picking up all the rubbish. He kept on asking why people leave it behind. I told him that probably no one had taught them otherwise. He thinks that the Prime Minister should punish them!”

“We went on the Grange pick.. some really littered areas, but only a couple of masks and around the school was really clear!” (though sadly the rest of the Grange Group found more face masks😔).

Our thanks to everyone who joined in with this socially distanced event!

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