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Letchworth Festival Children’s Art Competition

There were 371 entries and these were displayed throughout the Festival in the Community Museum and the Garden City Shopping Centre. Seven schools took part in the competition along with a Rainbow and Brownie Unit.

Diane Ketcher, who helped judge the competition, said “The artwork has been full of important messages which the children wanted to share. It was quite a challenge to choose the winners”.

Woolgrove schools ‘sea’ pictures were displayed in the community museum, producing one big image of a ‘Plastic Ocean’, illustrating how sealife has to contend with the plastic waste. There was lots of artwork depicting how sea creatures and other wildlife are harmed by plastic waste. Some of the artwork gave clear messages about not leaving litter and recycling properly. Other pictures helped us to think about how we can use less plastic, like stop using straws and refilling our drinks bottles instead of using them once. 

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