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Join us at the Transition Roadshow


This year the Transition Network decided to do things a little differently. Instead of a single conference in one place, there are four Roadshow events, supported and attended by TN, but organised by local initiatives. In our region this is in Berkhamsted, details here.

The week will start in Milton Keynes on 18th April at their Green Fair, then the main roadshow day will be here on the 19th.  The roadshow will provide relevant and game-changing workshops and training for those interested in taking part in Transition, while show-casing Transition to the wider town.

In the evening will be Transition Conversation with the founder of the global Transition movement, Rob Hopkins.

The week will end with the Ecofair at Tring on 25 April.

TTL is taking part by participating in a home energy saving workshop. Haddenham in Transition will demonstrate their air-tightness testing and thermal camera; we will present Julia’s presentation on draught reduction, and have other presentations available.

I’m looking forward to this enormously; I have booked my ticket! Please book yours now!



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