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Is that an island in my bath?!


This year we are hoping to put together a Transition Streets programme for Letchworth. This means finding out about local companies that can help us reduce our carbon footprint.

I have just started looking at how we can save water and took a look at the free products on offer from Affinity Water. There are quite a few interesting freebies to help us reduce our water consumption. Four minute shower timers in a variety of colours. Two minute toothbrush timers that remind the kids to turn the taps off. Various shower heads and flow rate devices for showers.  Then there are the tap aerator kits and save a flush for the toilet that you might expect. If your flush takes more than 7 seconds you could reduce your water use by installing a save a flush device.

For those with a young family though the most fun free water saving device they are offering is bath buoys (pirate or penguin variety). They claim this will save 30 litres every time you bath the baby in your big bath. So take a look at the Affinity Water website and see if there is anything that might help you to reduce your water use.


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