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Grow It Yourself – April


Apologies for the lateness of the April GIY blog, I’ve been too busy planting and potting on my tomato seedlings and other newly sprouted plants. I have masses!

I’ve grown so many because the first TTL Growers’ Market of the year is in two weeks time on the 3rd of May. So if you are planning on growing tomatoes please buy them from us, not a garden centre! I have small ones (Gardener’s Delight), medium ones (Ailsa Craig) and big ones (Super Marmand).  At the moment they are in 3″ pots selling for 50p. Once they have to be potted on (after the next Growers’ Market) they’ll be £1 so get in quick.  I also have chilli peppers in 3″ pots, same price. If you have excess seedlings do bring them to the stall.

For those unfamiliar with how the Growers’ Market works, prices are for people with nothing to swap, but if you can bring some edible home produce, we’ll barter and strike a deal.


My rhubarb is poor this year though so if yours is prolific bring some to swap.

I’ve attached a photo of the peas which I showed you in the greenhouse, in my March blog. I planted them out 2 weeks ago and protected them from frost and pigeons by putting a plastic bottle sleeve around them and providing them with twiggy branches to cling to. Most of them are doing well, only one has been ravaged by slugs.

April is the time when you can plant just about anything, but beware of late frosts. If you are starting plants off indoors or in the greenhouse, remember to harden them off out side for a few days before planting out.  Lettuce, carrots, potatoes, onions can all go straight in the ground but its best to start beans and squashes in pots ready to plant out in late May or June.

If you have small fruit trees either free standing or espaliered against a wall, cover with fleece if frosts are forecast as you don’t want to lose the blossom. You have to remember to take it off again during the day though or the bees wont be able to get at the flowers!

Finally, don’t forget to water. We have had no rain to speak of for a couple of weeks and this is a crucial time.

Happy gardening and see you on the 3rd!

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