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Climate March 2014


It was with mounting excitement that I boarded the 10:19 train from Letchworth to London to join the Climate March from Temple Station to Parliament Square on Sunday 21st September.  And it was exciting! I had been invited by, Christian Aid, 38degrees, People-and-Planet, and many others to join. In the end I marched with Population Counts.

Celebs present included Emma Thompson and Peter Gabriel, and Rob Hopkins, guru and public face of the Transition Network (although, of course, I never saw any of them!)

10,000 were expected; 40,000 turned up! Wow! Cause for huge celebration! The downside was that not everybody could get into Parliament Square, and by the time we arrived, it was all over. We used a Portaloo at 2:35pm – they were supposed to have been taken away by 2:30pm!!

There were 300,000 in New York, and marches in over 100 cities around the world. Apparently the world leaders at the UN on Tuesday had noticed. They all wanted to be positive. China announced the first (albeit somewhat woolly) commitment they have ever made. “We expect to peak our carbon emissions soon”

“There is no Planet B” said one of the slogans. How true!!

To do something locally, please come to the Sustainable Letchworth Launch in Spirella Ballroom on Thursday October 16th to discuss a strategy for our town to cap and reduce our carbon emissions.  Book online (tickets are free!) via or call the Tourist Information Office on 01462 487868.


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