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Climate Conference at St Albans Cathedral


Many people, including Naomi Klein in “This Changes Everything” will tell you that the Judao-Christian tradition is the cause of our current climate crisis. Before JHWH, she says, people worshipped nature, and sought to maintain it. I fear that there is, or was, some tiny truth in this. But, today, churches and other faiths do take climate change seriously.

Operation Noah, with its Pray and Fast for the Climate campaign and the C of E’s Shrinking the Footprint are seeking commitment and solutions. Many churches worldwide are also involved in the campaign to dis-invest from fossil fuels.

The diocese of St Albans is staging an environment conference on 25th April.  It will be more spiritual than practical, but we commend it anyway!!  Peter from TTL will be going so please let us know if you’d like to lift share.


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