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Arlesey Winds of Change


So, plans for a turbine at Arlesey have been re-submitted!  Here at TTL, we think wind turbines are beautiful, especially considering what they achieve.

But, wouldn’t a turbine be even more beautiful if it were owned by the local community, so that they would get all the benefits, financial as well as in terms of cheaper electricity? (And hopes of ever so slightly preventing catastrophic climate change)

Would you prefer a turbine, or a frack well-head?  Sadly, if there is tight oil or shale gas under Arlesey the town will probably get a well-head whether or not they have a turbine.

There are plenty of examples of local co-operatives owning and benefitting from renewable energy generation, including turbines! Take a look at the government’s website to see how to set one up.

This is an example of what has been achieved already in Bath and, more locally, in Kings Langley.

Residents of Weston, please note – community owned energy is the positive future!!

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