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A Pressing Need for Apples


It’s not been the sunniest of summers, but with all the rain and a kind spring the apple harvest seems to be plentiful and slightly early this year. Some apples store better than others, mine only last a month or two in the shed.  A good way of making the most of your apples is to juice them. The juice can the be frozen and drunk at your leisure. If you fancy having a go at making some of your apples into juice then come along to the Growers’ Market on Leys Square with a bucket of apples  Saturday 5th September or 3rd October between 9am and 1pm and we will have the TTL press there to make juice.

You will also need bottles to take away the juice.  Washed out juice bottles work well and this is a good way to reuse this item.

If you have a mass of apples and want to have them juiced and bottled then we are lucky enough to have a local company, Apple Cottage Cider, who provide a number of helpful services. They hire out equipment so you can press and pasteurise your own apples, or they can take your apples and pears and return them as bottled juice.

If you are a fundraising group you may want to consider if your members have unwanted fruit and collect this and have it turned into bottled juice to sell. Its a great way of reducing waste, localising food production whilst making money for a good cause. A local school did this fundraiser last year alongside an apple pressing for the children.

TTL offer to come along to local schools and help children press apples and make juice. Apple pressing can be a fun practical activity to go with the Year 1 food topic. So get in touch with us if you may be interested in apple pressing at your school.


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