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Letchworth Cyclists

Who Are We? Letchworth Cyclists are a group of active local cyclists, with representatives from the town’s cycling groups working towards making Letchworth an exemplar ‘cycling town’.

Our Vision
Our vision is a cycle network suitable for cyclists from the age of 8 upwards, so that an increasing proportion of Letchworth residents choose to use the bicycle to make journey’s within the town and to neighbouring towns.

If you're keen on cycling and want to see Letchworth become a more welcoming town for active travel, we'd you to get involved.

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The Community Plan for a Letchworth Cycling and Walking Network

During 2016/7 we conducted a Cycle Survey, the results of which can be downloaded below, to find out where improvements could be made to make cycling a more attractive option in Letchworth and then produced an initial proposal for a continuous network of safe cycling routes throughout the town.

In 2020 we took our Cycle Network Proposal to the next level by:

  • exploring options to redesign road space (where this can give a lower cost solution than new cycle tracks),

  • extending the Proposal to include schemes to improve the walking network,

  • developing a series of schemes which can be delivered in stages, but once all delivered will provide a full cycle network across Letchworth.

The Community Plan for Letchworth Cycle and Walking Network report (download below) describes the methodology underlying the proposed schemes, including the traffic solutions which are included.


A partner document entitled The Community Plan for a Letchworth Cycling and Walking Network – The Schemes provides the detailed scheme descriptions grouped by areas of the town. The detailed scheme information can also be accessed online in an Openstreet Map (click on the ‘peardrops’ to see what’s planned for a particular location).

We are currently raising awareness of the plan and seeking feedback on the schemes. We are also working to get this proposal adopted as the ‘NHDC Letchworth Cycling and Walking Network Plan’ so that funding pots can be sought and the network gradually delivered.


Help maintain Letchworth’s Cycle Network by reporting any problems with the quality of roads, paths and cycle tracks, including encroaching vegetation, to Hertfordshire County Council Maintenance team.

Our projects

Bike maintenance workshop

Our evening courses in bicycle maintenance (for non-electric machines) covers fault finding, adjustments, basic maintenance, repairs, and get you home needs.


Participants bring their bicycles with them as there is lots of practical work involved. The course is tutored by Frank, who is keen to get as many cyclists on the road as possible. In his spare time he also helps Sustrans, the charity creating the British national network of cycleways, including Letchworth’s very own Route no.12.


The course has five weekly sessions (7:30pm-9:00pm) and costs £15 to £20 depending on the number of attendees.

Cycle parking

We have worked in partnership with North Hertfordshire District Council Communities Team to utilise sustainable transport funds to increase cycle and scooter parking at community venues across the town.


Scooter racks, bike racks and bike shelters have been installed at ten schools, the guide hall, a scout hut, a local church, the leisure centre, the town centre and at four groups of flats where there is high cycle utilisation.


The project has supported increased cycling through the provision of 406 additional bike parking places and 205 scooter parking places across the town.

Other projects

Heritage Cycle Trail 
We are working with the Heritage Foundation to produce a heritage cycle trail


Improving Access Paths For Cyclists Into Local Schools
We would like to pilot the Sustrans community based approach to redesigning road space which involves using their temporary modular Street Kit to find solutions that will encourage more students and staff to cycle to local schools.

Increasing the Number of People Cycling
In 2020 we had plans for hosting cycling events on closed streets, in partnership with local running and cycling organisations, during the Letchworth Festival. The Festival was cancelled due to COVID but we hope to resurrect this plan in 2021.

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