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Resources for groups

Local Guiding and Scouting groups

Transition Town Letchworth has resources and games that can be borrowed by local youth groups who are exploring environmental issues and we are happy to visit your group.


Working with a local Brownie and Cub group we have developed information packs and activities addressing the challenges set in the Brownies Environment Badge and the Cubs Environmental Conservation Badge. The following gives a flavour of some of the activities included in the resources:

  • Energy Saving: We bring along a thermal camera and let the children find out how this technology works, if the weather is cold enough the children can look for heat loss and draughts in your meeting place. We bring along a plug-in energy monitor and electronic gadgets so the children can explore the amount of energy used by gadgets in the home.

  • Renewable Energy: We have a model house which the children can use to find out about solar renewable technology.

  • Water Saving: We bring a game to help children understand how much water they use and ideas and devices which can help us reduce water use.

  • Waste: Through a series of games and challenges played over an evening you will be able to explore the idea of REDUCE, REUSE and RECYLE including the topical subject of reducing single use plastics.

  • Food Miles: We have games and activities which explore food miles and eating in season. We have suggestions for visits to local farms.

  • Hedges and Pesticides: We have four short scripts and some props which the children can act out and by the end of the evening they will have shared learning on how bees, butterflies, dormice and birds have been affected by pesticides and hedgerow loss.

  • Endangered Species: We have games and activities to help the children find out about hedgehogs and how we can help them. We can put you in touch with local people who care for sick hedgehogs who are willing to come and speak with your group.

So please contact us if you are interested in working on an Environmental Challenge and think we can help.


Speakers and activity organisers

Would your group, troop, class, church, team etc like to have a speaker and / or activity organiser to talk about or demonstrate any aspect of Transition Town Letchworth’s work? Our members have done everything from formal presentation to clubs and interest groups to using energy monitors to show cubs and scouts how to save energy. We’d be delighted to do more with other organisations. Get in touch to find out more. 

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