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Food projects

Woolgrove Wildlife Gardening Club

NHDC have kindly donated the use of an allotment on the Woolgrove site which is intended as a learning space for families who live on the estate to come together to learn how to grow vegetables and fruit on their own raised bed. Tuition is given weekly by TTL volunteers. LGCHF and NHDC both granted us money to get the project started. 

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Apple pressing

Letchworth has hundreds of apple trees and in a bid to use as much of the fruit as possible TTL has run apple pressing days in Autumn for the last few years.


Everyone is invited to bring apples they’ve picked from their garden or from wild trees and get involved in scratting, pressing and bottling. We advise attendees to bring some clean bottles to take juice home in.  Some have even been known to bring kegs to fill for cider-making!  Kids, big and small, enjoy this one and the juice is like nothing you’ve ever bought from a shop.  Keep an eye on our calendar for this year’s dates.

apple pressing.jpeg

Growers' market

We ran a Growers’ Market for over 10 years ago until the first Covid lockdown and has not yet re-started. The stall facilitated the swapping and selling of home grown produce during the growing season (May – October). In addition to fruit and veg, the Grower’s Market stall accepted home produced eggs, jams, chutney and honey.  Seedlings were also welcome, as was home baking if it contained a home grown ingredient.


If people could not see anything they liked on the stall they could take a voucher for future use. The Growers’ Market limited food miles and reduced waste by providing a way to distribute surplus home grown fruit and vegetables.  It also encouraged people to try growing their own by demonstrating how easy it is to produce fresh food in your own garden.

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