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Energy efficiency

We've undertaken a number of initiatives to support and educate Letchworth residents on how to reduce the energy they use. We also encourage and promote local generation of renewable energy. We try to influence and respond to government, Council and Heritage Foundation initiatives which have local energy implications.

In 2014 a series of Home Energy Improvers meetings were held for people keen to reduce their household energy consumption. Attendees learned and shared knowledge about domestic energy efficiency.  Hints,  tips,  lessons learnt and contacts were all exchanged in a bid to empower Letchworth householders to make improvements to their homes and shrink their utility bills. The learning from these events is captured in a series of presentations and can be shared at suitable events.

How energy efficient is your home? 

Borrow our Thermal Imaging camera and find out


Group purchase of solar panels

The demise of gas and the introduction of electric cars make solar panels a sound, but long term investment. Soaring energy prices now make pay back times more attractive.


We're bringing together households who want to benefit from the significant discounts that can come with a group purchase of solar installations (including any optional extras like battery storage).  The latest indicative pricing is around £4k to £6k for a 3 to 4 kilowatt system.


The Heritage Foundation do have constraints which can limit their use but if you are interested in being part of the group then please email, with:

  1. Name

  2. Postcode (Full addresses not required at this time)

  3. Email Address

  4. Contact telephone number

  5. A photo, as an attachment, of the roof/roofs where you expect the panels to be mounted.

Group discounts will require a set number of householders to sign up. So only contact us if you are a householder who is genuinely interested and has the funds available to invest. If we get enough responses we will co-ordinate the ‘Letchworth Group’, agree how we want to proceed, get answers to the 101 questions that arise and start negotiations for a ‘group’ contract. 

We're happy to share our experiences on solar panels to help homeowners determine the type of system they would like to install. Initial costings for installations tend to be done based on responses to a questionnaire by each householder. Only when you sign your individual contract will you be committed.

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