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Local community

Building a thriving local economy

There often appear to be conflicts between a thriving economy as measured by GDP and tackling climate change. Happiness measures and GDP have been shown not to be aligned and research tells us that as GDP per head has grown happiness has fallen. TTL are interested in exploring if different employment opportunities could lead to just as vibrant a town but with happier residents. For example:

  • Could co-operative shops be introduced into the town, spreading the risk of a new enterprise, but widening the number of people working for its success?

  • Could new models of job sharing be explored by some of our larger employers to see if this improves the quality of life.

  • Are there cottage industries that could be set up to bring individuality to our town?


In 2017 TTL undertook a project to consider what actions could be taken that might help to ensure that Letchworth’s town centre is resilient and thriving. TTLs report is being shared and discussed with interested parties in the town.

Letchworth Arts & Leisure Group

As a local group affiliated to Letchworth Arts & Leisure Group (or “LALG” as it’s more commonly known), TTL enthusiastically supports the discount scheme they’ve put in place with local businesses.

Some Transition Initiatives have created local currencies which may be “spent” with participating local businesses with the objective of keeping trade local and supporting local business.  As the LALG discount scheme already operates with the objective of making the choice of buying local more desirable, we decided not to reinvent the wheel and we’ve thrown our support behind this existing initiative.

We encourage everyone to join LALG – it’s more than possible to make your membership fee pay for itself through the discount scheme, and you’ll get the opportunity to attend all kinds of interesting groups and events.

More details of the scheme and the businesses taking part can be found on the LALG website.  If you’re a local business and you’re interested in participating in the LALG discount scheme, please contact LALG.


Community organisations

Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire – Energy Advice Drop-in Clinics for help on any fuel related issues.
David’s Book and Music Shop – New & second hand books and music, thinkers’ venue and cafe.  Birth place of brilliant ideas, including TTL. Ought to be world famous by now.

Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group (AKA LALG) – TTL are affiliated to LALG. Only £12 per household per year buys endless social opportunities, continued learning and community building together with membership of a local discount scheme.

Wilbury Community Forum – Volunteer led project to enliven the Wilbury area of Letchworth, holds a monthly drop in café.

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