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About us

We are a group of local volunteers finding solutions to make Letchworth a sustainable, low-carbon, more environmentally friendly town.


We actively support and engage with transition activities across Letchworth, deliver practical projects, give friendly advice and facilitate events. Participation of people from across the community is a vital part of imagining the changes we need and running local projects to make those changes happen.


Transition initiatives have endless potential: working together we can transform our local society, economy and environment.


Our Mission

We want today’s Letchworth to be a pioneer in tackling the biggest challenges facing us: climate change, economic resilience and future energy supply. If we want to maintain the quality of life we enjoy for future generations, we have to transition to a more sustainable, socially just future with a strong local community.


Transition Town Letchworth was formed in 2008. In March 2014 Transition Town Letchworth adopted a new constitution and was registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity Number 1156209).


You don’t have to be a member to come along to Transition Town Letchworth events but we encourage anyone who gets involved with running an event or project to complete a membership form and become a member.


Volunteer Roles
We have identified a number of distinct roles for managing TTL. Sharing organisational responsibilities across a number of volunteers means that all our volunteers can focus most of their volunteering effort into their chosen climate repair project.

The CIO can have a maximum of 12 trustees. Currently there are 5 trustees:

  • Diane Ketcher

  • Roger Lovegrove

  • Julia Sonander

  • John Webb

  • Peter Willcox

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