TTL want to encourage more walking and cycling in the town and are the Lead Organisation for Letchworth Cyclists. Letchworth Cyclists are a group of active local cyclists, with representatives from the town’s cycling groups, who are working towards making Letchworth a cycling town. Its activities include:

  • producing a Community Plan for a Letchworth Cycling and Walking Network,
  • encouraging people to get back on their bikes through the creation of local cycling trails or town events,
  • working in partnership to improve cycle parking across the town
  • arranging courses to help people maintain their bicycles.

Visit our separate Letchworth Cyclists webpage to find out more.

Electric Vehicles

TTL members also have a keen interest in the development of electric vehicles and a number of us now drive electric cars. There is lots of knowledge to be shared by the group if you are thinking of changing to an electric vehicle.

Transport Consultations

TTL responses to Transport Consultations that affect Letchworth:



Leaving the Car Behind

“Lots of people making a small change can make a significant contribution to repairing our climate”North Central Hertfordshire Growth and Transport plan puts improvements for car users as lower priority than walking, cycling and public transport, supporting local residents to switch to more sustainable transport. This month we are sharing some ideas on how each of us can follow the councils lead and start to reduce our reliance on the car.Shorter journeys, those of a mile or less, are the ones where it is often easiest to change transport mode. If you can plan in a little more time for these journeys they can often be made on foot. For slightly longer regular trips why … more

Lifestyle changes to limit Covid-19 also help to repair our climate

We are in the grip of the Covid-19 crisis. It is restricting us in all areas of life, and causes so much suffering. But we know it will pass, and afterwards we will re-orient ourselves. Other topics will re-emerge, one of which will certainly be climate change. How will we look back and reflect then? Here a few numbers on our carbon footprints, and what effect the current restrictions have on it. Taking into account UK production and import of goods, the average person in the UK produces 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per year. To gradually achieve … more

Transition Town Letchworth Response to the Hertfordshire Rail Strategy Revision (2019)

Transition Town Letchworth have reviewed the strategy in terms of how it will support users and potential users of Letchworth rail service. Pricing and Service Levels We are supportive of the strategy with regard to its aspirations for service levels and fares and ticketing. We would encourage the earliest possible spread of Pay-As-You-Go ticketing across the county to help ensure people have the best access to tickets and lowest cost fares. Effective demand management can only occur if public transport fares are competitive with car journey costs. The Rail Strategy needs to include, for popular routes, periodic analysis comparing public … more

Supporting Letchworth School Children To Get On Their Bikes

Wilbury school pupils have been celebrating the installation of their new cycle and scooter parking. Joining the children to celebrate were Glyn Holt and Peter Willcox from Transition Town Letchworth,  Cllr Martin Stears-Handscomb (NHDC Council Leader,) and Cllr Steve Jarvis (NHDC Executive member for Environment and Leisure). Wilbury School Head, Ms Atkins and PE teacher, Mr March are also shown with Elwen, Chris, Tylor, Alfie and Charlie from Wilbury School who cycled and scootered to school. Wilbury is the tenth school to benefit from a project which has been jointly delivered by Transition Town Letchworth and North Hertfordshire District Council. The project has increased cycle and scooter parking at Letchworth schools by using S106 … more

Transition Town Letchworth response to NHDC declaration of a ‘Climate Emergency’

North Herts District Council declared a Climate Emergency at its meeting on 21 May 2019. Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) formed in 2008 and have been undertaking activities to tackle climate change with a local perspective. TTL activities range from helping individuals make lifestyle changes through to strategic activities, like producing a proposal for a cycle network. TTL are keen to work with the council on projects to address climate change going forward, as TTL have done in the recent past with the Plastic Free Letchworth project and the project to install additional cycle parking at community venues and schools across the town. The council … more

How Developments In Transport Can Help Letchworth Move To Sustainable Transport

Our Transition Tuesday in January 2019 considered the opportunities in the County Council’s new Transport Plan, focusing on ideas for how to get more people to switch to traditional sustainable transport options. New technology and information sharing provides new opportunities to do things differently. So in our March 2019 Transition Tuesday we considered alternative ways to move both people and goods and discussed which ideas could be a useful component of a Sustainable Travel Plan for Letchworth. Alternative Vehicle Ownership / Usage Models Car Pools (Fleet) have traditionally been company vehicles (cars or van) that are available for use by … more

The Future of Transport In Letchworth

Following an engaging Transition Tuesday in January, where we had a presentation on LTP4 from Herts County Council transport team, Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) have shared the following thoughts with the HCC Transport Team on what they would like to see addressed in LTP4 Supporting Documents TTL believe that Letchworth should embrace the Transport User Hierarchy that is the centre piece of LTP4 putting in place a plan to become a Sustainable Travel Town. We are also keen to have good sustainable transport links to adjacent towns and to see high utilisation of public transport options. This note details our … more

Letchworth Cyclists Feedback on The Heritage Foundation Cycle Strategy Consultation

In June 2017 Letchworth cyclists produced a plan for a cycle network for the town. This plan was provided to the Heritage Foundation and their consultants who they tasked with producing a cycle strategy for Letchworth. Three members of the team who produced the cycle network plan participated in one cycle ride with the Heritage Foundation consultants but the Letchworth cyclists have not been asked to provide any other input during the development of the Heritage Foundation Letchworth Cycling Strategy. The team of cyclists who produced the cycle network plan have reconvened to review and respond to the Heritage Foundation Letchworth … more

Walk To School Week

Our last Tuesday talk was about learning how messages and learning can be shared through storytelling. Peter, one of our trustees is keen to explore storytelling and linking in with National Walk to School week, 21st to 26th May, he has written a short story which reminds us of the pleasures of a journey by foot, where we can explore the world and talk with friends and neighbours. Walk to School?! By Peter Willcox Euch! Said Ollie, “What’s that!” That was a brown mess, crawling with tiny, white wormy things. “Oh dear,” said Alice, Ollie’s Mum, “It’s a dead bird, a … more