Visit to sustainable housing project


TTL Housing Group has contributed our ideas to the Heritage Foundation on sustainable housing for Letchworth.  Some of us have got interested in visiting Hockerton Housing Project, a sustainable housing project.  You can see more about it on their website. We know the journey by road is about 2 hours by car; a bit north east from Nottingham.  We have booked a tour on Saturday 27 June at 2pm.   The three hour tour will be £20 per person (waged) or £15 (low waged or student rate. In good Transition tradition, we hope that TTLers will fill cars for a day … more

New housing for Letchworth?


Last Tuesday was the Letchworth Heritage Foundation Town Meeting. This year a large part of the meeting was spent discussing housing, with the Foundation explaining why it thinks 1,500 houses will be a good thing for the town. As might be expected, there were many in the audience that still had concerns about the new housing. If we are to have new housing, Transition Town Letchworth would like the houses constructed to be as energy efficient as possible and we want to see developments that re-enforce community and a low carbon lifestyle. But how do you have affordable homes, with … more

Comments on the proposed new Design Principles for Letchworth

The LGC Heritage Foundation’s preview of the draft Design Principles which govern the changes householders can make to their properties have really got us thinking.  Many of the problems Ebenezer Howard wanted to solve when he set about creating our Garden City are still relevent today. The Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA) are the modern day incarnation of the Garden City Movement and their manifesto recognises that climate change and resource depletion are two vital challenges we must address in the way we plan our towns and organise our communities.  Personally, I feel Howard would agree with the TCPA … more