Transition Town Letchworth have signed up with Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) as the Plastic Free Community Leader for Letchworth.

We plan to work through the Plastic Free Coastlines Community Toolkit which is now being used by towns across the nation. The toolkit sets out the following five objectives that must be met to achieve Plastic Free status for Letchworth.

1) LOCAL GOVERNANCE: Local Council passes a resolution to support Plastic Free Coastlines, committing to plastic free alternatives and supporting plastic free initiatives in Letchworth.

2) LOCAL BUSINESSES: At least three single-use plastic items removed from at least 12 local businesses and retailers and replaced with sustainable alternatives.

3) PLASTIC FREE ALLIES: Gain widespread community support by spreading the Plastic Free message to groups that look after 50% of community spaces (e.g. Norton Common, community centres, halls, places of worship, libraries), 30% of schools and at least one community organisation (e.g. Scouts, Girl Guides, Women’s Institute).

4) ON THE GROUND ACTION: Arrange at least two local community events in a year, for example a litter clearance, which are open for all to attend.

5) STRATEGIC GROUP: Form a local group of stakeholders (which must include a council member) who should meet at least once per year to plan and discuss the progress of Plastic Free Letchworth.

Contact us us if you want to get involved.

Click for ideas on how we can reduce our plastic use as individuals.

Click for ideas for businesses on how to reduce their use of plastics.

Click for ideas on how to involve your school in the Plastic Free Letchworth project.

Click for ideas for ideas on how to reduce plastic at community venues.

Let us know what you are doing to reduce your use of plastics that others can learn from and we will share these ideas as part of this initiative.

Business Questionnaire

If you are a local business please can you take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire, to share your opinions and ideas on how we can reduce the use of plastics locally. 

Community Venues Audit

If you look after a community venue and want to get involved you can use our self-audit tool to identify existing good practice and provide ideas for actions to that you can take to further reduce the use of single use plastic.

Businesses Supporting Plastic Free Letchworth Who Have Removed At Least 3 Single-Use Items

David’s Bookshop and café
Bamboo Turtle
Nourish café
Cupcake company
Broadway Hotel
Craftys Beer
Wetherspoons – Three Magnets
Six volt
Broadway cinema
Salon Group
Stevenage Leisure
Willmott Dixon


Books to Schools to Tackle Plastic Problem

A mother of four has written a series of books to help educate children about the impact of plastics on ocean ecosystems and a grant from North Herts District Council’s Letchworth Area Committee has been given to the Plastic Free Letchworth Project to provide a copy of these books to all the primary schools in Letchworth.Ellie Jackson, who lives by the sea in Looe, Cornwall, wrote her first book while living in Australia. It was inspired by a year spent on a tropical island, during which she and her family saw a turtle being released back into the ocean after a year of … more

Letchworth Festival Children’s Art Competition

Prizes were awarded for the Letchworth Festival Children’s Art Competition at last Sunday’s Park Live event by Vice-Chair of the Council, Councillor Green. Transition Town Letchworth sponsored this year’s competition, which had the theme of Plastic Free Letchworth. There were 371 entries and these were displayed throughout the Festival in the Community Museum and the Garden City Shopping Centre. Seven schools took part in the competition along with a Rainbow and Brownie Unit. Diane Ketcher, who helped judge the competition, said “The artwork has been full of important messages which the children wanted to share. It was quite a challenge to choose the winners”. Woolgrove schools … more

Plastic Free Letchworth at the Food Festival

The Plastic Free Letchworth team were out at the food festival this Saturday. We had been busy the week before exploring the easiest method for making beeswax wraps to replace cling film and made up beeswax wrap kits for people to purchase on the day. We also had some re-usable material snack bags and net bags for buying loose fruit and veg on the stall. It was great talking to people about what changes they had been making to reduce their dependance on plastic. For example, it turns out small squares of reusable baby wipes also make great re-usable make-up cleansing cloths. … more

Plastic Free Letchworth Project Update

It’s good to see that reducing our plastic use is still in the news with national initiatives likely to lead to the end of plastic straws, cotton buds and stirrers. As we talk to people about the Plastic Free Letchworth project we hear about changes people are making in their own lives as well as changes being made in their workplace and business. There is a growing understanding that the solution to the plastics problem will involve us changing what we do as individuals as well as businesses changing. Locally, lots is happening. The cupcake company on the Wynd have been … more

Plastic Free Letchworth Launch Weekend

Transition Town Letchworth publicly launched the Plastic Free Letchworth project in the town centre on Earth Weekend (21st and 22nd April 2018). We were in the town centre letting shoppers know about the challenges the town has to meet to achieve the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Letchworth award. Local shops Bamboo Turtle and Fairhaven provided sample ‘plastic free’ goods for displaying at the event and the team shared ideas with shoppers on how to reduce their use of plastics. Shoppers were invited to pledge to reduce or remove a particular plastic from their daily lives and those making a pledge … more

Plastic Free Project Update

Our Plastic Free Letchworth Campaign is gaining momentum. We are now registered with Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Community project and Letchworth Garden City is on their map. We are busy planning our public launch event in Leys Square which will be at the Farmers Market on the 21st April. To mark Earth Day on the 22nd April we will be holding our first litter pick. The children’s art competition at the Letchworth Festival is going to be themed on ‘Plastic Free Letchworth’. Click here to find out how your school or youth group can take part. We have asked local business if they … more


A record breaking 44 people attended TTL’s Tuesday talk this week. Plastic is hot news at the moment! After an introduction to the topic giving a global overview and a description of what happens to our recycling waste, the attendees gathered into groups to explore the issues of: Reduce, Re-use / Repurpose, Recycle and Influencing.   The ideas which came up were many and varied, some useful, others amusing! Well. you can’t be serious all the time! Here are some of them: REDUCE:  in the home, use glass for containers and wood for things such as chopping boards and stirring spoons;  instead of clingfilm use plates and … more