There often appear to be conflicts between a thriving economy as measured by GDP and tackling climate change. Happiness measures and GDP have been shown not to be aligned and research tells us that as GDP per head has grown happiness has fallen. TTL are interested in exploring if different employment opportunities could lead to just as vibrant a town but with happier residents. For example:

  • Could co-operative shops be introduced into the town, spreading the risk of a new enterprise, but widening the number of people working for its success?
  • Could new models of job sharing be explored by some of our larger employers to see if this improves the quality of life.
  • Are there cottage industries that could be set up to bring individuality to our town?

In 2017 TTL undertook a project to consider what actions could be taken that might help to ensure that Letchworth’s town centre is resilient and thriving. TTLs report is being shared and discussed with interested parties in the town.

If you want to join in our discussions then please get in touch.

LALG Discount Scheme
As a local group affiliated to Letchworth Arts & Leisure Group (or “LALG” as it’s more commonly known), TTL enthusiastically supports the discount scheme they’ve put in place with local businesses.

Some Transition Initiatives have created local currencies which may be “spent” with participating local businesses with the objective of keeping trade local and supporting local business.  As the LALG discount scheme already operates with the objective of making the choice of buying local more desirable, we decided not to reinvent the wheel and we’ve thrown our support behind this existing initiative.

We encourage everyone to join LALG – it’s more than possible to make your membership fee pay for itself through the discount scheme, and you’ll get the opportunity to attend all kinds of interesting groups and events.

More details of the scheme and the businesses taking part can be found on the LALG website.  If you’re a local business and you’re interested in participating in the LALG discount scheme, please contact LALG.


Transition Town Letchworth response to NHDC declaration of a ‘Climate Emergency’

North Herts District Council declared a Climate Emergency at its meeting on 21 May 2019. Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) formed in 2008 and have been undertaking activities to tackle climate change with a local perspective. TTL activities range from helping individuals make lifestyle changes through to strategic activities, like producing a proposal for a cycle network. TTL are keen to work with the council on projects to address climate change going forward, as TTL have done in the recent past with the Plastic Free Letchworth project and the project to install additional cycle parking at community venues and schools across the town. The council … more

Achieving a Resilient Town Centre

This months Transition Tuesday Talk was themed on Letchworth achieving a resilient town centre. In December last year Transition Town Letchworth published a report exploring how the town centre could develop. At the meeting the ideas in this report were considered alongside findings from a recently published LDC report on high street health and some local data that LDC had provided in a study commissioned by Letchworth Heritage Foundation. We had an interactive evening where we considered the trends in retail and leisure services both nationally and locally. We identified existing attractors in our town centre and ideas for the future town centre. What … more

Christmas Shopping In Letchworth and beyond…


TTL has had a few initiatives over the years encouraging people to shop locally and this year we were involved in a shop locally Christmas poster campaign. This campaign recognised that we need to give our custom to local shops if they are to survive. Letchworth’s Business Improvement District (BID) has funded a number of initiatives in the last year to try and get people into the town centre and visiting the shops. Did you try to shop locally at Christmas and was this successful?  What kinds of things could you buy and what were you less successful in finding? If you … more

Visit to Altro Flooring & Wall Cladding – 2nd July  

We usually think of Transition to a “low-carbon” economy as a matter for households and communities, yet companies, government bodies and voluntary agencies are integral to that movement. Recently Altro Flooring, a notable local company with strong credentials for sustainability, hosted an initial meeting with several members of TTL plus Michael Underwood, chairman of Letchworth Sustainability Forum. This visit originated in our quest to roofs on commercial, industrial and public buildings that might be suitable for solar photovoltaic panelling to generate energy locally. The aim of this first encounter was to gain a mutual understanding of what Alto and TTL each … more

Thinking about the local economy


On Tuesday 24th June 2014, Transition Town Letchworth met for a presentation on re-localising Letchworth’s economy, and to brainstorm some ideas about how to develop the town in a direction that might better provide for our needs whilst at the same time, create businesses which are resilient to energy shocks and the end of cheap oil. If you have any further suggestions feel free to comment.  The presentation pack from the evening can be found attached below. Retail Co-operative shop – several people share staffing, financing, managing and risk in a premise selling goods created or procured by its members. … more

Letchworth Shopping Challenge – How much choice is enough?


Some of you may have been wondering why things had gone a bit quiet. I have realised one of the stumbling blocks to a Christmas present blog….It all has to be written in the run up to Christmas! So apologies for the extended gap in posts. I have been busy shopping (and baking, writing, wrapping etc) so I’m now going to do my best to make a few last posts to bring you all up to date with how I’ve got on. So, rolling back a couple of weeks, I was still in the midst of shopping (I am a … more

Letchworth Christmas Present Challenge – Second up, Secondhand!


Ok so secondhand stuff might seem a strange suggestion for a Christmas present. Perhaps you are starting to pity my family (maybe you did already). But those of you who know Letchworth probably already know that we have quite a lot of shops here selling “pre-loved” goods. This is great for those who like to see things recycled rather than wasted, and those on a tight budget. Would a secondhand present lead to tears into the turkey on Christmas morning? Well, when you look at the range and quality of the secondhand goods on offer in our town centre, I think buying … more

Letchworth Christmas List Challenge

So this is me. And this first blog post is about my self-imposed challenge to buy as many of my Christmas presents as possible in Letchworth this year. I should introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I’m Camilla Hamilton, I’m 35, married with two children (a boy and a girl of 4 and 2 respectively) and I live in Letchworth. Maybe at some point soon I will write something more about myself on my website (don’t bother looking, there isn’t anything there now!). It probably would be relevant to my take on all this, but that is … more