The groups and projects you’ll find here are our current, local response to the emerging challenges of resource depletion and climate change.  Transition initiatives need to consider every aspect of the way we live today in order to build a resilient community which is fit to thrive in the future.

We’re considering:

  • Energy – how will we keep the lights on in an eco-friendly way as fossil fuels become more expensive and supplies ever more limited?
  • Neighbourhood Development – How do we develop the town so they are great places to spend time.
  • Food – where will our food come from when the costs of global supply chains become uneconomic?
  • Transport – how will we get about in the future?  And what if we can’t travel as much, or as far?
  • Waste – how can we reduce waste and treat it more like an untapped resource?
  • Economy – how can we ensure that Letchworth has a strong, resilient economy which meets local people’s needs?
  • Personal Resilence – how can we take care of ourselves in the face of such a lot of change?
  • Education & Awareness – how can we ensure Letchworth people have the understanding to make the necessary changes to their lives?

All our groups are co-ordinated and run by marvellous TTL volunteers with real passion for their subject.

If you’d like to find out more or get involved with some of our projects or groups, please either turn up at our public events or get in touch with TTL using our “Contact Us” page.  We can then put you in touch with the relevent co-ordinator.

Likewise, if you have an idea for a group or a project that you’d like to help run – we can support you – please get in touch. Transition initiatives have endless potential and many hands make light work.