resilianceThe Personal Resilience Group meets monthly.  We see ourselves as the safe harbour for people who care about treading softly on this earth.  It’s easy to get dispirited at the evidence of so many people behaving as if there’s no climate change issue and it’s business as usual, pillaging happily.

The Personal Resilience Group is intended to nurture, sustain and to prevent ‘activist burn out’.  We aim to do this by taking some of the brilliant ideas from the book ‘Active Hope’ by Chris Johnstone and Joanna Macy.

This is a house group but all are welcome – just contact us if you’d like to attend a meeting.  Oh, and we like cake!


TTL at Pic ‘n’ Mix

TTL Chair Peter Willcox reports on his visit on 11th March 2020 Pic ‘n’ Mix is a monthly meeting at, and arranged by, Letchworth Library, open to everyone, but aimed at people who may be lonely. Speakers are invited to talk about their area of expertise, or introduce a craft activity. TTL were invited to speak, and I took it on. I gave a very brief introduction to the Transition Movement’s aim of facilitating the Transition to a low energy economy. I said that I hoped they all believed that the climate is changing, caused by humankind, and that anybody … more