Grow It Yourself Gardening Group (now called LOG – Letchworth and district Organic Gardeners)
This group is a support and social group for people growing their own produce. We meet most months for talks, visits to places of interest or social meetings at members houses , to swap ideas, seeds and share a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  The members of LOG are of mixed age and ability – anyone with an interest in growing food is welcome, whether you’re a beginner or an old hand.

This group joined Garden Organic as a local group in March 2016 and the cost of membership from April 2019 will be £3 a year to belong and get all the benefits that go with Garden Organic membership–a bargain!

To join, please contact TTL and you will be put in touch with the group co-ordinator.


Grower’s Market

Too Many Beans? Fancy swapping or selling some of your surplus produce or simply buying very fresh local veg?  The Growers’ Market started some years ago as a stall selling home grown produce during the growing season (May – October). From 2019 it will be located on the Wynd on the SECOND Saturday of the month from 9am to 1pm. We are hoping the stall timing will align with the volunteer sessions and a new children’s gardening club at the Wynd community garden (watch this space), which the team will be helping to facilitate.

In addition to fruit and veg, the Grower’s Market stall also accepts home produced eggs, jams, chutney and honey.  Seedlings are also welcome and we accept home baking if it contains a home grown ingredient. Please wrap any offerings (in greaseproof paper or in recycled plastic boxes) and provide a list of ingredients. If you don’t see anything you’d like on the stall you can take a voucher for future use.

The Growers’ Market limits food miles and reduces waste by providing a way to distribute surplus home grown fruit and vegetables.  It also encourages people to try growing their own by demonstrating how easy it is to produce fresh food in your own garden.

Apple Pressing
Letchworth has hundreds of apple trees and in a bid to use as much of the fruit as possible TTL has run apple pressing days in Autumn for the last few years.

Everyone is invited to bring apples they’ve picked from their garden or from wild trees and get involved in scratting, pressing and bottling.    We advise attendees to bring some clean bottles to take juice home in.  Some have even been known to bring kegs to fill for cider-making!  Kids big and small enjoy this one and the juice is like nothing you’ve ever bought from a shop.  Keep an eye on our calendar for this year’s dates.



The GIYO group began due to people coming to the Growers’ Market stall to ask for advice about starting a veg plot. Having helped several people to get started by visiting their plots/gardens, it was decided that a support group would help. That is the GIYO group we now have. Spreading the word is a key element of the work of both Garden Organic and Transition Town Letchworth of which GIYO are a sub group. A review of the 2018 GIYO programme revealed that the most attended meetings were at the beginning and end of the year and one roughly in … more

Chris Collins delivers the Letchworth’s Grow It Yourself Organic Spring Talk  

As we see the first small glimmers of spring, Letchworth’s Grow It Yourself Organic group invited members of the public to join them at their Spring Talk. The speaker this year was Chris Collins, the Head of Horticulture at Garden Organics. Chris regularly appears on television gardening shows and is busy preparing a display garden for the Chelsea Flower Show. It was great to see a packed hall for the talk, all we need now is warmer weather so we can get out into our gardens Chris talked about his time as Westminster Abbey’s Head Gardener. He explained how he … more

Transition Town Letchworth Apple Pressing Season Begins


On Saturday TTL was in the town centre for the first apple pressing of the year. We set up our scratter and presses and members of the public brought their apples and some clean containers for juice (usually washed out soft drink bottles). TTL press the apples and fill the clean bottles with delicious juice. There was a steady flow of customers throughout the morning, which was great, as we know not all apple trees have done well this year. I only have one small apple tree but I took half a bucket of apples and bought back two litres … more

GIYO new members get together


Following the success of the GIYO launch event, at which James Campbell’s talk inspired 14 people to sign up as new members of GIYO, we had an impromptu meeting at Diane’s house to welcome a few of the new members. The sun came out so we could explore the garden and get to know each other. A big welcome to all our new members. Hope to see you soon. The next event is a visit to Triangle Gardens in Hitchin to take part in their seed swap on April 24th. Then a visit to Ryton, HQ of Garden Organic UK … more

Grow It Yourself Organic Launch


James Campbell, Chief Executive of Garden Organic gave us an inspiring talk at our event on Saturday. As a result GIY – now GIYO – has 13 new members. We look forward to their company and seeing their gardens in due course. There were five stalls from like minded groups: Friends of the Earth, Growing People, Dunton Community Garden (Beds), Arch Community Garden ( Letchworth) and Triangle Gardens from Hitchin.  Also our own Growers’ Market stall and a planting activity for children .  It was a lovely atmosphere, which is worthy of a repeat sometime in the future. And the … more

Garden Organic’s journey


As we approach the launch of TTL’s partnership with Garden Organic, Sue, a TTL trustee recalls her involvement with organic gardening and Garden Organic over the years. In the 1960s and 70s, do you remember, there was a great mood about; “leave the cities,move to the country and get a small holding and become self reliant, grow your own veg, become vegetarian and keep animals”. If realistically you couldn’t go the whole hog, then growing what you could became the more realistic option. Fired up with “The Good Life” the weekly antics of the over enthusiastic Barbara and Tom Good, … more

A Pressing Need for Apples


It’s not been the sunniest of summers, but with all the rain and a kind spring the apple harvest seems to be plentiful and slightly early this year. Some apples store better than others, mine only last a month or two in the shed.  A good way of making the most of your apples is to juice them. The juice can the be frozen and drunk at your leisure. If you fancy having a go at making some of your apples into juice then come along to the Growers’ Market on Leys Square with a bucket of apples  Saturday 5th September or … more

GIY blog – berry harvest


Ah, July. The happy month of fruit harvests! Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries,currants. The apples ripening on the tree. Even the Timperly Early rhubarb is happily producing its third crop of the year. Nothing is so blissful as pottering out on a sunny morning, picking a few sun-warm fruits and munching on them as you sip the say’s first caffeinated beverage of your choice. Only…About 3 months ago, following an investigative potter in the garden, I bounced into our kitchen and said, in a gleeful voice, “It’s going to be a good year for currants.” And my husband, instead of being … more