Keeping Warm


With the frost on the ground and some very cold evenings its a good time to work on reducing the draughts in your home. This year Transition Town Letchworth is once again running its Community Thermal Imaging Service. Each month we hold a training session which covers operating our thermal imaging camera, using the camera to survey your house for heat losses and tips to help you reduce heat loss from your home. The training session lasts about an hour and the next one will take place on Wednesday 11th January at 8pm in the Upper Hall of Mrs Howard Hall, Norton Way … more

Cycling In Letchworth

TTL poster Dec 2016 v3

My bike sat in the shed for years until I finally decided to get it out and use it. I’m not a racing cyclist, I don’t go on long off road cycle rides. I use it for local errands, to go and get the shopping and for the school run. Having got the bike out I realise what I have been missing, exercising in fresh air is still as enjoyable as when I was young and local errands are completed in less time than it would take me in a car. But there is no denying that the roads are much busier … more

Reflections From Letchworth First Transition Streets Group


Transition Street Hillbrow / Highfield is the first Transition Street in Letchworth. It started in November 2015 and has been considered by those taking part, which includes myself, a great success. After a mailshot along the street nine households were found to be interested in taking part. Regular monthly meetings have been held. The initial 7 meetings, held in members own homes, were facilitated by members of Transition Town Letchworth. These meetings concerned; Energy: it was extremely useful to compare energy bills. Water: it turned out that the one family not on a meter was paying disproportionately more than the … more

A Neighbourhood Plan For Letchworth


Transition Town Letchworth’s September meeting asked the question ‘Does Letchworth Need a Neighbourhood Plan?’ A neighbourhood plan provides a vision and policies for future development of the area and has to be developed by people who live and work in the area. During the meeting the attendees explored what was involved in producing a plan and discussed what could and could not be influenced by a plan. By the end of the meeting there was a majority of attendees who thought that Letchworth would benefit from having a Neighbourhood Plan. We ended the meeting with a quick brainstorming exercise on … more

Speak Up Letchworth Garden City


If you want to ask our MP, Oliver Heald, a question relating to climate change then get a ticket for this event. Questions I would like to hear the answer to are: When will the government ratify the Paris agreement? Following the green deal what is the government planning to do to encourage people to reduce the energy required in their own homes? What is the planned role for renewables in the governments renewable energy strategy? TTL will be exhibiting at this event on Sunday 16th October from 12 noon, so do come along to the Wilbury Hall (SG6 4DU), if … more

Transition Town Letchworth Apple Pressing Season Begins


On Saturday TTL was in the town centre for the first apple pressing of the year. We set up our scratter and presses and members of the public brought their apples and some clean containers for juice (usually washed out soft drink bottles). TTL press the apples and fill the clean bottles with delicious juice. There was a steady flow of customers throughout the morning, which was great, as we know not all apple trees have done well this year. I only have one small apple tree but I took half a bucket of apples and bought back two litres … more

Join Transition Town Letchworth in exploring whether its time for Garden City residents to develop a Neighbourhood Plan


Around the country local communities are writing Neighbourhood Plans which contain local residents and businesses vision for how their village, town or district should be developed. Inside these plans are ideas on where and how new homes should be built, but they also contain plans for community facilities and projects for tackling local issues. We know parish council’s in Letchworth’s surrounding villages are busy putting their plans together. Letchworth is special, we have a Heritage Foundation and design principles, so do we need a Neighbourhood Plan? The Heritage Foundation can only influence the land they own. A neighbourhood plan, if … more

GIYO new members get together


Following the success of the GIYO launch event, at which James Campbell’s talk inspired 14 people to sign up as new members of GIYO, we had an impromptu meeting at Diane’s house to welcome a few of the new members. The sun came out so we could explore the garden and get to know each other. A big welcome to all our new members. Hope to see you soon. The next event is a visit to Triangle Gardens in Hitchin to take part in their seed swap on April 24th. Then a visit to Ryton, HQ of Garden Organic UK … more

Green Energy for North Herts


On 19th March TTL sent a representative to a meeting to explore the green energy options for our region.  The minutes are below. INTRODUCTION The meeting was called by Martin Stears­-Handscomb and Elizabeth Dennis on behalf of the North Herts Branch of the Co­operative Party, with a view to gathering together those interested in bringing about green energy in North Herts, focusing on community ­based and co­operative options.  28 people attended. Elizabeth informed the meeting that the Labour and Co­operative candidates in the forthcoming NHDC election were committed to promoting local co­operative energy initiatives. SHARON TAYLOR Sharon is Leader of … more