What next for our waste collections?

Due to Coronavirus staff shortages NHDC has taken the decision to suspend food waste collections and the garden waste service. Over a two week period we used to have five separate collections from our properties and this is now reduced to two. If an alternative solution had been proposed of a three weekly service on all bin types would this have been preferred? Many of us I suspect have space in our bins to go three or even four weeks before collections, and if we squash packaging a bit more before it goes in the bin we could make better … more

Transition Town Letchworth Response to the Hertfordshire Rail Strategy Revision (2019)

Transition Town Letchworth have reviewed the strategy in terms of how it will support users and potential users of Letchworth rail service. Pricing and Service Levels We are supportive of the strategy with regard to its aspirations for service levels and fares and ticketing. We would encourage the earliest possible spread of Pay-As-You-Go ticketing across the county to help ensure people have the best access to tickets and lowest cost fares. Effective demand management can only occur if public transport fares are competitive with car journey costs. The Rail Strategy needs to include, for popular routes, periodic analysis comparing public … more

TTL at Pic ‘n’ Mix

TTL Chair Peter Willcox reports on his visit on 11th March 2020 Pic ‘n’ Mix is a monthly meeting at, and arranged by, Letchworth Library, open to everyone, but aimed at people who may be lonely. Speakers are invited to talk about their area of expertise, or introduce a craft activity. TTL were invited to speak, and I took it on. I gave a very brief introduction to the Transition Movement’s aim of facilitating the Transition to a low energy economy. I said that I hoped they all believed that the climate is changing, caused by humankind, and that anybody … more

Supporting Letchworth School Children To Get On Their Bikes

Wilbury school pupils have been celebrating the installation of their new cycle and scooter parking. Joining the children to celebrate were Glyn Holt and Peter Willcox from Transition Town Letchworth,  Cllr Martin Stears-Handscomb (NHDC Council Leader,) and Cllr Steve Jarvis (NHDC Executive member for Environment and Leisure). Wilbury School Head, Ms Atkins and PE teacher, Mr March are also shown with Elwen, Chris, Tylor, Alfie and Charlie from Wilbury School who cycled and scootered to school. Wilbury is the tenth school to benefit from a project which has been jointly delivered by Transition Town Letchworth and North Hertfordshire District Council. The project has increased cycle and scooter parking at Letchworth schools by using S106 … more

Letchworth’s New Years Community Litter Pick

The Plastic Free Letchworth team were out for their first litter pick of the year on Sunday, cleaning up an area of the Greenway where it borders the town’s industrial estate. Glyn Holt, who was there with his daughter Ffion told us, “it was great to have other families helping out on what was a FRESH frosty morning. During the hour and a half we had no trouble filling ALL the reusable bags that ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ provide to Plastic Free Communities. The area is clearly a popular place for a snack, and we found a range of single-use take … more

Responding to the Government Part L and F Consultation

One of Transition Town Letchworth’s area of interest is reducing the carbon associated with both existing and new housing stock. We have been eagerly awaiting the update to Part L of the Building Standards in the hope that this legislative driver would fill the gap left by dropping the Code for Sustainable Homes and move the UK swiftly to the position where all newly built homes are capable of being operated as affordable zero carbon homes. UK builders already have access to the technology and materials to build zero carbon dwellings, and we believe this is what the 2020 update … more

Support Given To Start An Educational Allotment for Letchworth Families

Transition Town Letchworth have received support from Letchworth Heritage Foundation and North Herts District Council to set up an educational allotment on the Woolgrove Allotment Site. NHDC are providing the allotment and the Heritage Foundation have provided a grant which will fund a small shed, tools and raised beds for the allotment. The project team are also monitoring Freecycle, looking for items like unwanted garden tools and paving slabs so the project can be delivered with as lower carbon footprint as possible. Diane Ketcher and Hilary Howell from Letchworth Organic Gardening group will be leading the project. Diane explained that “our aim … more

Rob Hopkins shares a message of ‘Hope’ for addressing Climate Change 

Rob Hopkins, founder of the international Transition Town movement, was welcomed to Letchworth last Wednesday by the local Transition Town group. Rob has been invited by David’s bookshop to launch his new book ‘’From What Is To What If”. Rob explained that what Transition Towns offered to the climate conversation is hope. His current book is premised on the idea that innovation alone will not allow us to tackle climate change, what we will need is imagination. If we can imagine, and ‘draw’ how the world will look without fossil fuels, showing that it will be a more vibrant, social … more

Transition Town Letchworth response to NHDC declaration of a ‘Climate Emergency’

North Herts District Council declared a Climate Emergency at its meeting on 21 May 2019. Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) formed in 2008 and have been undertaking activities to tackle climate change with a local perspective. TTL activities range from helping individuals make lifestyle changes through to strategic activities, like producing a proposal for a cycle network. TTL are keen to work with the council on projects to address climate change going forward, as TTL have done in the recent past with the Plastic Free Letchworth project and the project to install additional cycle parking at community venues and schools across the town. The council … more