Let’s talk about food waste


The subject of food waste has been a hot topic ever since NHDC announced they were no longer going to be providing compostable liners for our food-recycling caddies.  In fact from the number of letters The Comet received I think the topic deserves it’s own name: WasteGate. TTL has received some correspondence on this subject too, from people concerned that this change will reduce the amount of food recycled, but also asking what they should do with their food waste now.  The answer can be found on the Council’s website, but if you’ve only got a minute the answer is: … more

Grow It Yourself – March


March has to be the month when it all kicks off in the garden and the greenhouse. The weather can be very unpredictable though so you have to watch the forecasts carefully.  Once we get towards the middle of the month you can plant onion sets, early potatoes and peas outside. I suggest you start some peas off in pots too (see photo), as insurance.  Soak the seeds overnight first before planting.  Peas have long roots so cardboard tubes are ideal to plant them in.When they are ready to go out in the garden, harden them off for a few … more

TTL receives grant award for thermal camera


This winter Transition Town Letchworth have been finding out how thermal imaging can help to detect where energy is wasted in homes. Jas Phugura, who attended a thermal imager training session, explains, “Winter is the ideal time to find out more about the energy efficiency of your home as draughts and heat loss through the building structure are easiest to see when the inside temperature is at least 10 degrees above the outside temperature.” TTL borrowed Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s thermal imaging camera for a four day trial.  Eight properties were surveyed and issues detected included missing areas of loft insulation, … more

Reducing the impact of extreme weather

We’ve been going press release crazy here, with the Comet requesting our views on necessary preventative measures to build resilience to flood events. *********************************** TTL’s view on building resilence to floods For immediate release The flood water may be receding in many parts of the country, but Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) who advocate creating sustainable communities, are still warning that work to build resilience against extreme weather is urgent. “Comet country hasn’t had it as bad as some parts of the UK, but the disruption and damage caused by the flooding and the associated sink holes shouldn’t be under-estimated” according … more

Low Carbon Holidays – A round up of findings from January’s Transition Tuesday


Attendees at the Transition Tuesday event about low carbon holidays were asked to think about the best and worst aspects of holidays they’d really enjoyed and also those they’d really disliked.  Here were some of the suggestions which came out of our discussions, along with a bit of research done by one of our TTL enthusiasts! Please let us know in the comments section if you decide to pack a bag and head off to test any of these ideas. Cycling The North Sea Cycle Route goes through 8 European countries including England and Scotland.  http://www.northsea-cycle.com/ National Cycle Network  http://www.sustrans.org.uk/ncn/map/national-cycle-network … more

Sustainable Gardening in LGC


Last week a few TTL’ers went to the Hub on Station Road to meet with Elizabeth Towler (Environment & Landscape Officer from the LGC Heritage Foundation) and Steve Howells (Chairman of the ARCH Community Group who run the local “In Bloom” competition).  It was a heart-warming meeting because their ideas square nicely with the Transition ethos. They want to put the ‘Garden’ back into Garden City by providing encouragement and education for residents who aren’t natural gardeners and who lack the knowledge to start growing their own food and creating gardens with wildlife in mind.  They want to encourage SUSTAINABILITY … more

Local Flooding – our press release

THE TRANSITION VIEW ON FLOODING For immediate release Whilst North Herts hasn’t experienced flooding as badly as other parts of the UK, these extreme weather events are going to become more common according to Transition Town Letchworth (TTL). “Climate change is going to make the weather increasingly challenging, even here in the UK, so we need to take action to make our communities more resilient to this kind of event”, says Joanna Jefferson from TTL. “Whilst we clearly rely on national and local government strategy to deal with this, it’s worth remembering that all of our small actions add up. … more

Grow It Yourself – February


I really must quote from a pamphlet I found in my Dad’s desk; a facsimile of “The Gardener’s Monthly Directions etc” published in 1688 and re-printed in 1980.  It says: “FEBRUARY. Now the Weather begins to alter, although sometimes January be open and temperate, and this Month severely cold, yet to the most part the inclining of the Sun to the Vernal Equinox, doth produce a moderation of the past colds, and encourage the ingenious Gardener to trim his Trees, and stir his Ground, mixing his rotten Dung in the digging thereof, for the setting and sowing of Beans, Pease, … more

Arlesey Winds of Change


So, plans for a turbine at Arlesey have been re-submitted!  Here at TTL, we think wind turbines are beautiful, especially considering what they achieve. But, wouldn’t a turbine be even more beautiful if it were owned by the local community, so that they would get all the benefits, financial as well as in terms of cheaper electricity? (And hopes of ever so slightly preventing catastrophic climate change) Would you prefer a turbine, or a frack well-head?  Sadly, if there is tight oil or shale gas under Arlesey the town will probably get a well-head whether or not they have a … more

Grow It Yourself – January


If you’re all worn out from Christmas and New Year celebrations, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s not much to do at this time of year in the garden, unless you want to plant shrubs and trees.  Winter is the ideal time to do just that. Mark Diacono (who some of you may be familiar with from Otter Farm, River Cottage, and his articles in the Daily Telegraph) has some interesting suggestions for planting an edible hedge. Mixed fruit and nut bushes which grow well together not only provide you with food but also attract wildlife. He suggests mixing … more