energy2TTL have undertaken a number of initiatives to support and educate Letchworth residents on how to reduce the energy they use. TTL also encourage and promote local generation of renewable energy. TTL try to influence and respond to government, Council and Heritage Foundation initiatives which have local energy implications.

In 2014 a series of Home Energy Improvers meetings were held for people keen to reduce their household energy consumption. Attendees learned and shared knowledge about domestic energy efficiency.  Hints,  tips,  lessons learnt and contacts were all exchanged in a bid to empower Letchworth householders to make improvements to their homes and shrink their utility bills. The learning from these events is captured in a series of presentations and can be shared at suitable events.


Community Thermal Imaging Service
TTL have a FLIR E6 thermal imaging camera which was funded by a Heritage Foundation grant. Thermal imagers can be used to detect heat loss from your home, helping you identify where to target home improvements to reduce your energy bills. Ideally the temperature difference between inside your home and the outside should be at least 10 degree to get the best results, so autumn and winter is the ideal time to inspect your house with a thermal camera. Our thermal imager training material provides useful background material.
Unfortunately our FLIR E6 has become unreliable and the user interface is slowly failing. When we asked FLIR about purchasing a replacement part for the electronic engineers in our team to fix the camera we were told that the replacement part is “not available for sale and we do not recommend replacing that outside FLIR Service. We were advised that the cover display with keypad costs £65, Labour costs £200 and transport and handling back to the UK costs £60 plus VAT”. As with so many items we find the repair cost is so high that it deters repair (we could afford the part but we would need to apply for a grant to pay the labour costs). If we are to move to a circular economy, necessary to repair our climate, we clearly need to find a way to economically repair items. This will include better access to spare parts. If any organisation has a FLIR E6 which has failed in a different way from the user interface we would be very interested in obtaining your failed camera for spare parts.


Transition Town Letchworth response to NHDC declaration of a ‘Climate Emergency’

North Herts District Council declared a Climate Emergency at its meeting on 21 May 2019. Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) formed in 2008 and have been undertaking activities to tackle climate change with a local perspective. TTL activities range from helping individuals make lifestyle changes through to strategic activities, like producing a proposal for a cycle network. TTL are keen to work with the council on projects to address climate change going forward, as TTL have done in the recent past with the Plastic Free Letchworth project and the project to install additional cycle parking at community venues and schools across the town. The council … more

Keeping Warm


With the frost on the ground and some very cold evenings its a good time to work on reducing the draughts in your home. This year Transition Town Letchworth is once again running its Community Thermal Imaging Service. Each month we hold a training session which covers operating our thermal imaging camera, using the camera to survey your house for heat losses and tips to help you reduce heat loss from your home. The training session lasts about an hour and the next one will take place on Wednesday 11th January at 8pm in the Upper Hall of Mrs Howard Hall, Norton Way … more

Green Energy for North Herts


On 19th March TTL sent a representative to a meeting to explore the green energy options for our region.  The minutes are below. INTRODUCTION The meeting was called by Martin Stears­-Handscomb and Elizabeth Dennis on behalf of the North Herts Branch of the Co­operative Party, with a view to gathering together those interested in bringing about green energy in North Herts, focusing on community ­based and co­operative options.  28 people attended. Elizabeth informed the meeting that the Labour and Co­operative candidates in the forthcoming NHDC election were committed to promoting local co­operative energy initiatives. SHARON TAYLOR Sharon is Leader of … more

Solar PV in the first Garden City


The TTL blog had a cup of tea and a chat with Joanna Jefferson, one of the TTL Trustees, about her newly installed solar panels.  We were keen to get her thoughts on solar panels and the Garden City. So what have have you had done? I’ve had 3.96kw of solar PV installed on my rear, south-facing roof.  That’s the kind of solar panels that generate electricity.  It makes as much electricity as the house consumes. Sounds pricey. It was quite pricey!  The whole system has cost around £9k, but I expect it to be up there, generating for more … more

Don’t forget to pull the curtains!


Whilst the children have been enjoying the small amount of snow, my wood burning stove has been keeping my solid walled house nice and warm. Its also been ideal weather to take a look at how well the heat stays in your home using the Transition Town Letchworth Thermal Imager. The camera has now been borrowed by a number of people across the town. We have seen pictures of draughts around doors where the draught seal no longer fits the gaps; heat lost where roof insulation is missing; and huge difference in the thermal quality of some of the front … more

Home Energy Improvers: Getting into hot water


The evening of Monday 3rd November is the last of the current series of meetings on home energy improvements. In the ideal house, with good insulation and draught proofing, there is little need for heating, but we still need some hot water. In determining the best hot water solution for any house you first need to identify the expected water usage of people in the house. Studies have shown this varies considerably, from a low use of about 25 litres per person a day to a high use of 60 litres a day. Clearly, lifestyle changes to lower water use … more

Ventilation Systems


It’s a mild start to October and we are still able to freshen up the house by opening the windows without concern about any heating costs as the heating is not on yet. However, in a months time I know I will be pulling beds and chairs away from cold walls in an effort to stop damp forming in corners of my solid walled house. Would a ventilation system help reduce the damp problems, and if yes, which type of ventilation system? In tightly sealed houses with insulation some sort of ventilation system is essential, but how well have I … more

Ask an Expert How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


This week we had our first thermal imager training session. The weather is not quite cold enough yet to get the best information using the camera but we want to be ready to get going as soon as the temperature drops enough to give a 10 degree difference between the inside and outside temperature in the evening. We are looking forward to the first surveys occurring and seeing what we can learn through the use of this camera. Training sessions will run throughout the winter and the next training dates are now in our online calendar (7th October (daytime) and 20th … more

Windows, Doors & Floors


This summer I have been busy sorting out the design for a loft conversion, trying to maximise head room while getting a good level of insulation. House renovation projects provide opportunities for improving energy efficiency and its important to make the most of these. Building regulations specify the minimum that can be achieved but often you can go beyond what needs to be achieved and reap even greater benefits. As part of our loft conversion we will be installing a new window. Our options are limited as the new window needs to match those put in the rest of the … more