The Second Life of Sally Mottram by David Nobbs


I got to hear of this book on the Transition Network website, here, and borrowed it from the library. Sally Mottram ‘enjoyed’ a fairly humdrum life until tragedy hit. Struggling to make sense, she contemplates death, and then finds that inadvertently she is risking it. A miraculous rescue causes her to reflect, and to realise that her little North Pennine town, which is dying on its feet, needs her to rescue it, and make it prosperous. It needs a Transition! Please borrow this book from the library; if enough do maybe they’ll order more copies! What a beautiful book; just … more

Transition Free Press – Great Autumn Edition


This printed newspaper is published quarterly, and distributed mainly through Transition Initiatives, but I have subscribed to get a copy through the post. Previous editions have included articles about exciting things which initiatives have achieved; all very interesting to a new-comer, but us seasoned Transitioners have usually heard about these things already. However, this recent edition is particularly great!  There are some articles about stuff about ‘Making Art if the world mattered’, philosophy about getting our message across, education projects, dis-investment from fossil fuels, etc. I was particularly impressed with “No cause is an island: situating Transition in a broader … more

Climate March – London – 21st September


How do we tackle the causes of Climate Change?  We do what we can as individuals – turn the lights off in the rooms we are not using – walk or use public transport rather than drive – insulate our homes – generate some electricity… not nearly enough. We can get together in communities, and achieve much more – hence the Transition Initiatives of which TTL is but one, but an important one for this community because it is our community. But action is needed at a national and international level too. In our democracy, government can only do stuff … more

Whatever happened to Transition Town Ambridge?


Around 2008, I think, there was a Transition Initiative in Ambridge, Borsetshire, which first introduced me to the Transition movement, and caused me to register as a “Transition muller” in Letchworth.  Subsequently I met up with some other Letchworth folk who were also “mulling Transition over” and before we knew it, TTL had sprung into being. Conversely, Transition Ambridge faded quite quickly, as many other Initiatives have done.  What happened to Ambridge’s Transitioners, and could and should the initiative be revived?  We’ve written to the Transition Network suggesting that Rob Hopkins interviews an Archers scriptwriter to get to the bottom … more

Reducing the impact of extreme weather

We’ve been going press release crazy here, with the Comet requesting our views on necessary preventative measures to build resilience to flood events. *********************************** TTL’s view on building resilence to floods For immediate release The flood water may be receding in many parts of the country, but Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) who advocate creating sustainable communities, are still warning that work to build resilience against extreme weather is urgent. “Comet country hasn’t had it as bad as some parts of the UK, but the disruption and damage caused by the flooding and the associated sink holes shouldn’t be under-estimated” according … more

Local Flooding – our press release

THE TRANSITION VIEW ON FLOODING For immediate release Whilst North Herts hasn’t experienced flooding as badly as other parts of the UK, these extreme weather events are going to become more common according to Transition Town Letchworth (TTL). “Climate change is going to make the weather increasingly challenging, even here in the UK, so we need to take action to make our communities more resilient to this kind of event”, says Joanna Jefferson from TTL. “Whilst we clearly rely on national and local government strategy to deal with this, it’s worth remembering that all of our small actions add up. … more

Fossil Free Europe Tour


Friday November 1st saw 12 of us at The Hub, watching a live feed, over the internet, from the final event of the Fossil Free Tour from London.  The tour was arranged by, Operation Noah and Planet and People Bill McKibben, of, presented the numbers – 2° is the temperature rise that scientists agree can happen before the climate changes in disastrous ways. 595 is the number of gigatons of carbon that, if added to the atmosphere would cause that temperature rise. 2795 Is the number of gigatons of carbon which fossil fuel companies declare as available to … more

Thoughts on the IPCC report…


In recent days the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued their 2013 report concluding that they are 95% certain that humans have caused most (by which they mean pretty much all) of the global warming in the last sixty years.  What’s more, 97% of climate experts and peer-reviewed climate science studies agree. If Environmental Health said you were 95% likely to get food poisoning from your local restaurant, would you still eat there? Probably not.  And yet some people still persist in the belief that the science about climate change is not certain enough to convince them of … more

TTL Local Election Special – quizzing party representatives


We had a very enjoyable evening before the recent local elections, and a good chance to ask party representatives from the Conservatives (Council Leader Lynda Needham), Greens (Mario May), Labour (David Billing) and Lib Dems (Steve Jarvis) a question relating to local resilience. In true transition spirit we wanted our elected officials to spend as much time listening to us as we did to them. To make sure everybody got a chance to ask a question we had the candidates rotate, speed-dating style, around small groups of about 6 people. The down side of this was that there was not … more

Petrol pump queues remind us it’s a finite resource


Every time there is a hiccup in the availability of petrol, it amazes me how quickly it is forgotten again afterwards. Surely a light is being shone full-beam not only on our complete reliance on this stuff but how vulnerable the supply system is. Two things you would think would be pretty incompatible. Peak Oil has been acknowledged as a reality by people like President Obama, the International Energy Agency and Shell. Surely the only sensible move is to gradually adjust our lives to cope without a readily affordable supply? Not wanting to get all gloomy and doomy, but those … more