Climate Conference at St Albans Cathedral


Many people, including Naomi Klein in “This Changes Everything” will tell you that the Judao-Christian tradition is the cause of our current climate crisis. Before JHWH, she says, people worshipped nature, and sought to maintain it. I fear that there is, or was, some tiny truth in this. But, today, churches and other faiths do take climate change seriously. Operation Noah, with its Pray and Fast for the Climate campaign and the C of E’s Shrinking the Footprint are seeking commitment and solutions. Many churches worldwide are also involved in the campaign to dis-invest from fossil fuels. The diocese of … more

TTL’s Annual Report


Transition Town Letchworth is holding it’s first AGM on the evening of Tuesday January 27th and all are welcome.  We’ll be spending a little time reviewing 2014’s activities, then once the formalities are over we’ll be enjoying some apple produce and talking about our ideas for the future.  This is a great opportunity to meet trustees, members and other supporters if you’d like to get more involved. Here’s an except from our annual report to give you a flavour of the kind of things we do. Transition Town Letchworth: Annual Report 2014 Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) was registered as Charity Number 1156209 on 17th March 2014 and … more

Sustainable Letchworth Launch

Back in October, we saw the launch of “Sustainable Letchworth”.  This is a forum consisting of representatives from Transition Town Letchworth, the Letchworth Heritage Foundation, Letchworth Garden City Society and residents who are sustainability professionals. The aim of Sustainable Letchworth is to act as a central hub for networking between the many organisations who will all need to work together to build a sustainable town.  Sustainable Letchworth will be leading the collaborative exercise to create a Sustainablity Strategy for our Garden City; to oversee and encourage the changes required to build resilience in our local economy, our energy supply, our … more

Don’t even think about it – why our brains are wired to ignore climate change George Marshall


This fascinating book explains very clearly why most people don’t want to think about climate change. Marshall interviewed a very wide range of people, and discusses varied reasons under many headings. The strongest message I took is that we have two sides to our brains, logical and emotional. We make decisions when both sides agree. The science appeals to our logical side, but, if we emotionally engage with it we get scared, push it away, and think about something else. We are able to do this because our brains are evolved to address threats which are near to us, in … more

Climate March 2014


It was with mounting excitement that I boarded the 10:19 train from Letchworth to London to join the Climate March from Temple Station to Parliament Square on Sunday 21st September.  And it was exciting! I had been invited by, Christian Aid, 38degrees, People-and-Planet, and many others to join. In the end I marched with Population Counts. Celebs present included Emma Thompson and Peter Gabriel, and Rob Hopkins, guru and public face of the Transition Network (although, of course, I never saw any of them!) 10,000 were expected; 40,000 turned up! Wow! Cause for huge celebration! The downside was that … more

The Second Life of Sally Mottram by David Nobbs


I got to hear of this book on the Transition Network website, here, and borrowed it from the library. Sally Mottram ‘enjoyed’ a fairly humdrum life until tragedy hit. Struggling to make sense, she contemplates death, and then finds that inadvertently she is risking it. A miraculous rescue causes her to reflect, and to realise that her little North Pennine town, which is dying on its feet, needs her to rescue it, and make it prosperous. It needs a Transition! Please borrow this book from the library; if enough do maybe they’ll order more copies! What a beautiful book; just … more

Transition Free Press – Great Autumn Edition


This printed newspaper is published quarterly, and distributed mainly through Transition Initiatives, but I have subscribed to get a copy through the post. Previous editions have included articles about exciting things which initiatives have achieved; all very interesting to a new-comer, but us seasoned Transitioners have usually heard about these things already. However, this recent edition is particularly great!  There are some articles about stuff about ‘Making Art if the world mattered’, philosophy about getting our message across, education projects, dis-investment from fossil fuels, etc. I was particularly impressed with “No cause is an island: situating Transition in a broader … more

Climate March – London – 21st September


How do we tackle the causes of Climate Change?  We do what we can as individuals – turn the lights off in the rooms we are not using – walk or use public transport rather than drive – insulate our homes – generate some electricity… not nearly enough. We can get together in communities, and achieve much more – hence the Transition Initiatives of which TTL is but one, but an important one for this community because it is our community. But action is needed at a national and international level too. In our democracy, government can only do stuff … more

Whatever happened to Transition Town Ambridge?


Around 2008, I think, there was a Transition Initiative in Ambridge, Borsetshire, which first introduced me to the Transition movement, and caused me to register as a “Transition muller” in Letchworth.  Subsequently I met up with some other Letchworth folk who were also “mulling Transition over” and before we knew it, TTL had sprung into being. Conversely, Transition Ambridge faded quite quickly, as many other Initiatives have done.  What happened to Ambridge’s Transitioners, and could and should the initiative be revived?  We’ve written to the Transition Network suggesting that Rob Hopkins interviews an Archers scriptwriter to get to the bottom … more

Reducing the impact of extreme weather

We’ve been going press release crazy here, with the Comet requesting our views on necessary preventative measures to build resilience to flood events. *********************************** TTL’s view on building resilence to floods For immediate release The flood water may be receding in many parts of the country, but Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) who advocate creating sustainable communities, are still warning that work to build resilience against extreme weather is urgent. “Comet country hasn’t had it as bad as some parts of the UK, but the disruption and damage caused by the flooding and the associated sink holes shouldn’t be under-estimated” according … more