TTL want to encourage more walking and cycling in the town. We have conducted a Cycle Survey (Survey Results) to find out where improvements could be made to make cycling a more attractive option and have formed a forum with local cyclists and cycling groups to produce a plan for a continuous network of safe cycling routes throughout the town (LetchworthCyclePlanEdition1). If you would like to get involved in this project then contact us.

Cycle and Scooter Parking
Transition Town Letchworth have been working in partnership with North Hertfordshire District Council Communities Team to utilise S106 sustainable transport funds to increase cycle and scooter parking at community venues across the town. Transition Town Letchworth cycle survey gave feedback on where additional bike parking would be beneficial. The needs of local schools, the scout and guide movement, churches (whose halls are used by many community groups) and social housing providers were identified. The project is now in its final stage and scooter racks, bike racks and bike shelters are currently being manufactured for installation at seven schools, the guide hall, a scout hut, a local church, the leisure centre, the town centre and at four groups of flats where there is high cycle utilisation. The chosen contractor is refurbishing two existing bike shelters which would have been replaced and this has not only helped the budget go further but has also lowered the projects environmental footprint. The project once completed will support increased cycling through the provision of 342 additional bike parking places and 175 scooter parking places across the town.

Bicycle Maintenance

TTL promote evening courses in bicycle maintenance . The next course,which takes place at St.Paul’s Church Hall, Pixmore way, Letchworth, runs for five weekly sessions (7:30pm-9:00pm), starting on Monday 12th March 2018, and costs £20.

The cycle maintenance course covers  fault finding, adjustments, basic maintenance, repairs, and get you home needs. Participants need to bring their bicycles with them as there is lots of practical work involved. The course is tutored by Frank, who is keen to get as many cyclists on the road as possible. In his spare time he also helps Sustrans, which is the charity which is creating the British national network of cycleways, including Letchworth’s very own Route no.12. Please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the course co-ordinator.

Electric Vehicles

TTL members also have a keen interest in the development of electric vehicles and a number of us now drive electric cars. There is lots of knowledge to be shared by the group if you are thinking of changing to an electric vehicle.


Cycling In Letchworth

TTL poster Dec 2016 v3

My bike sat in the shed for years until I finally decided to get it out and use it. I’m not a racing cyclist, I don’t go on long off road cycle rides. I use it for local errands, to go and get the shopping and for the school run. Having got the bike out I realise what I have been missing, exercising in fresh air is still as enjoyable as when I was young and local errands are completed in less time than it would take me in a car. But there is no denying that the roads are much busier … more

Three LEAFy months


Last January, we borrowed a Nissan LEAF for a seven-day test drive. The car impressed us so much that we decided to go ahead and buy one. Ours is an ex-demo model, registered in May 2014, and with 4,500 miles on the clock when we bought it (now nearly doubled…) Some readers will know me as a classic enthusiast. Our newest car before we bought the LEAF was a 1990 Mercedes. This came about less out of nostalgia for the past and more from my inability to see any step forward in car design sufficiently big to justify replacing what … more

To Norfolk in a Nissan Leaf


We recently took Nissan up on their offer of a 7-day test drive on the LEAF. Our first observation is that this is a really impressive car to drive. More than anything else, it reminds me of my old Jaguar XJ6; it has the same smoothness and silence. Of course, the difference is that Jaguar invested tremendous effort into disguising the effect of reciprocating pistons and escaping exhaust gases. Like every manufacturer since, they worked hard to make a crude process appear sophisticated. With the LEAF, there is nothing to disguise. The second observation is that you cannot expect to … more

Low Carbon Holidays – A round up of findings from January’s Transition Tuesday


Attendees at the Transition Tuesday event about low carbon holidays were asked to think about the best and worst aspects of holidays they’d really enjoyed and also those they’d really disliked.  Here were some of the suggestions which came out of our discussions, along with a bit of research done by one of our TTL enthusiasts! Please let us know in the comments section if you decide to pack a bag and head off to test any of these ideas. Cycling The North Sea Cycle Route goes through 8 European countries including England and Scotland. National Cycle Network … more

The Joy of Cycling


Many thanks to Frank Turner for his talk on bike maintenance and Tina Walker for her talk on road safety. We had a good turn out despite the Heritage Foundation having their Town Meeting the same evening! We heard how a well maintained bike feels like flying, that lovely feeling of freedom as you glide down a hill. That freedom is multiplied if you can fix basic problems yourself at the roadside. To sign up to Frank’s next bicycle maintenance course, get in touch. Tina is a cycle instructor and you can book lessons with her, either individually or as … more